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10. Februar 2021 3 10 /02 /Februar /2021 15:20

This begin to be interesting.


Foto: CORONA Halo Cluster getting hairy Filmstill Image ©W.O.T.

Here are my images I produced in January 2020 in my Laboratory.

The structure looks like feathers, in the middle – what I cant magnify more, still these compound of eyes. If semen can smell the female ovum, that virus can possibly smell a potential host. Up in the lungs, down no virus to be found. Phytoplasm detect sunlight without clear eyes. A mushroom can do many different works. Some exist in the dark. Does this object came out of the dark? To ask as artist, who works with scientific methods: living connections are no objects. Organisms are different live forms in arrangements depending on each other. Their metabolism is everywhere. My art has so many tools, from sound-waves to colourful plastics.

It does not look that weird any-more. This seems to me like one anti matter what matters. A real hairy organism locked in amber light. About the halo I got more clear now. What looks like eyes is the reflection of my microscope. Like common paradigms in science, that if I look at things they might react and behave different.


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(refer to page 15-16.)


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