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11. Oktober 2021 1 11 /10 /Oktober /2021 09:45

we have so many prolific artists this time, and what do I hear from galleries? "our storage is
crowded, we can’t take more."
What do I hear from radio? "your work is excellent, but our program is
full, and there is no format for you.."
What does print media respond? "don’t give up. Good luck
next time."
What do I see from culture office? "200.000,- and more for summer of culture, 10.000,-
for so called free actions, but now we not able to respond. We can send you a link ... "
What do I
get from property house owners? "Nice you always pay your rent correctly, but do you have to be an
artist? Why you produce so many drawings on paper, paint so many canvas and build so many 3-D
Objects? You don’t live like all the other penants."
"That is completly true. Compare to you, art
itself means nothing to you. If it has use to make you feel rich, you still want it free. You
determined in things in your way. Do not bother me, as I do not bother you. I will not steal your
time, so please steal not mine. Let me do my things, because I know I am right."
(inclusive my word game: the tenant is the penant for speculating owners)
Label 1 cut inverse, Canvas.©W.O.T. Art Story from Zippo Zetterlink.

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22. Mai 2014 4 22 /05 /Mai /2014 21:37


What use has it, if the idea is the same as the realization, if most of my ideas I published are used by other artists and then by misunderstanding been destroyed and shown without the concept and idea I put into my work? These epigones put my concepts out as fragments, they are even not interested in the background, they only look for quick money and name dropping, so the idea has no worth.

Maybe you know me, maybe you know me not. Maybe you talking what I was talking, too.

No Pyramid with hierarchies, but what my work is to you? I can work from every part of the globe, I have no center, and I don't need to travel. At least not now.

Our ambitions of making art are quite the same: to change thinking. This important topic most of the epigones forget. Our differences are not so big: my parents did not allow me to work as an artist, they did not support me, they threw me out of our house. One of the reasons that this old stone house, what survived the Anglo-American bombing in Hamburg, what was built for future generations by great grand parents and renewed by grand parents, and by parents again, been tored to the ground to make space for a kind of blackrock banker, after authority drove the rest of my family from our ground, new order, so I got homeless for a time but I wanted my studies. Learn, learn, learn, like Lenin said. While struggling for exhibitions I noticed, that our Hamburg town authority did every thing to help foreign artists, but they did nothing for their own people.

AS IF – as if there is nothing what allows me from this position to spread my concept, only by giving this away to artists from allied countries or artists of this Germany who are more silent and show they can obey rules even not acceptable. I still talking about thinning out Ideas what could change the thinking of mankind. One has to send the Ideas to people who are allowed to perform, but when these ideas return, they always damaged, by cutting away the basic meaning. I made this to another art concept, and I have a name for this concept. So I can only wait long enough, and it will come back to me in whatever disguise it may have, plundered and worn out, just to hold me down for the next years, guess this is the feeling you talked about. I stay for my work, and I can only look ahead while what comes next to bother me and will bring me off from my work. Another incident, another struggle, another court fight with people who invented stories of mobbing and blame, just for themselves, these are the easier downers. No air raids at least, but dangerous to think about, it can awake sleeping wishes of greedy persons, looking for careers.

This morning my dream does not show me the landlords breaking in my little workshop room, this morning my dream shows me a big tiger on the ice. We where few tenants with less chances. But we knew that the tiger hates water. So we stomp the ice to pieces, and I saw the claws of the tiger already grabbing for our feet. But the ice breaks, and the tigers claws got wet. The tiger was not so dare anymore, and try to call out for companions. But they are too far away, and they don't want to get wet, too. So I saw the tiger giving up, like a comic tiger the tongue hanging out and the eyes twisted, hardly reaching the shore, running away.

At least not a very bad dream, I guess.


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