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11. Oktober 2021 1 11 /10 /Oktober /2021 09:45

we have so many prolific artists this time, and what do I hear from galleries? "our storage is
crowded, we can’t take more."
What do I hear from radio? "your work is excellent, but our program is
full, and there is no format for you.."
What does print media respond? "don’t give up. Good luck
next time."
What do I see from culture office? "200.000,- and more for summer of culture, 10.000,-
for so called free actions, but now we not able to respond. We can send you a link ... "
What do I
get from property house owners? "Nice you always pay your rent correctly, but do you have to be an
artist? Why you produce so many drawings on paper, paint so many canvas and build so many 3-D
Objects? You don’t live like all the other penants."
"That is completly true. Compare to you, art
itself means nothing to you. If it has use to make you feel rich, you still want it free. You
determined in things in your way. Do not bother me, as I do not bother you. I will not steal your
time, so please steal not mine. Let me do my things, because I know I am right."
(inclusive my word game: the tenant is the penant for speculating owners)
Label 1 cut inverse, Canvas.©W.O.T. Art Story from Zippo Zetterlink.

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8. Februar 2021 1 08 /02 /Februar /2021 16:46

As the Bacillus is a mushroom, very tiny, the virus can show up as a plant. If they all are plants, why they transport themselves in other organisms? Sometimes destroying them like eating them up. That they move in insects was used by biowar technologies. In the electron microscope maybe a round object with suction caps. Plants have still unexplored kinds of resistance in biological exploitation. The biological diversification is not even clearly knowing by now, but like in uranium deals the destructive potential is another top seller, and it goes through all political views – and even terrorist groups in the post-modernism who want to get hold on it. These mini – nano – burdocks are hard to detect, so easy to hide and they have a chemical memory. They are not the only organisms without the need of a brain. A type of Medusa, what make its way from the North American shores to the North and Baltic sea, renders the immunisation what can learn about different groups of bacteria.1 So they are able to avoid the enemy. Without brain! So what do we know about us? A question of reception. And a factor of a speedy mass reduplication. Intellect has not only the IQ test to define itself. To give points for answers has its background in the market research. Another explanation is the fastest speed of adaptation. Micro organisms like these viruses are so intelligent, they can adopt the antibiotics faster than extinction. Some develop addiction. Mass vaccination is no solution. The virus itself can get heat resistant, can dry out and encapsulate itself, can resist chlorine. If one virus contact another, it can communicate. It changes informations about antibiotics. The virus stick with another virus in chain or cluster formation. If one group is immune to antibiotics, it can pass on this genetic information to another group, so that this group is in the same manner resistible. So said my science reports, whatever might be true or fantasy. It is another strange life form to observe. Floating particles! What do we really know?

Viruses have no nose, but they must have a chemical reception factor that they can smell each other, or more – to smell the right host, where resistance level is low enough to dock on. A German research project lead by Prof. Hanns Hatt and Dr. Marc Spehr at the University Bochum proved, that human semen can find the ova cell in the female body by smell.2 They detected Bourgenoal, a synthetic smell of mayflower, what activates the semen receptors.

So I like to quote myself one marginal sentence I spoke in my comments, on title 16, to my title 17, Wahrnehmungsfaktor, reception factor:

These mini nano burdocks are hard to detect, so easy to hide and they have a chemical memory. They are not the only living organism without the need of a brain.“

Life can be so funny, isn’t it?

1=From my Archive, Biology Letters, Geomar Helmholtz-Zentrum Kiel for Ocean research. Hamb. Abendbl. S.19, 26. Nov. 2013

2= DFG Magazin der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, WILEY-VCH Weinheim, Nr. 3-4/2004, Page 29.

Exerpt from my work „Approach to the scientific artworks from W.O.T., Page 13-14“

whole chapter you find here:


You can download my books free. For citation the GNU License only demand you please refer to my work for sourcing and authoring, as I did in my footnotes by mention my sources.

So please wear your masks and stay healthy. (this article is an excerpt from my book “Approach to the scientific artworks from W.O.T. V0004”, you can find more at academia publishing the link above..(refer to Chapter 1, Corona times.) Here is one book of my work archive:



Holy cows on the right track in Mandalay, Myanmar. Silently marching on the main road. Not over reacting. The pause CORONA can give. (My artistic mirrored picture ©W.O.T.)
Photo: Ko San Yu Kyaw

Note: I have no influence on ads, and I get no money for ads or my writing. But therefore my blog is free.

1From my Archive, Biology Letters, Geomar Helmholtz-Zentrum Kiel for Ocean research. Hamb. Abendbl. S.19, 26. Nov. 2013

2DFG Magazin der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, WILEY-VCH Weinheim, Nr. 3-4/2004, page 29.

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